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During the Hunt

Dear Future White Peaks Hunter:

Your hunt will be one of the best experiences you have had in the rocky mountains, we guarantee it. Make sure you are prepared by reviewing the pages listed below about our ranch and hunting procedures.


Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have any other questions about the ranch or your upcoming hunt. We want your trip to be comfortable and organized. Be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram frequently for updated trail camera and summer photos.


We will see you this fall!


-Greg Golightly

Bull Elk Hunting
Bull Elk Hunting
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​What Is Included

· Full service lodging including bedroom and bathroom

· All meals for each day present at the lodge

· Hunting Guide services

· One bull elk / buffalo of the selected trophy class

· Trophy Photos

· Trophy Care: Field Dressing of carcass

· SLC Airport pickup and drop off

· Big screen TV and satellite TV channels

· Linens and Sheets· Bathroom necessities (soap, TP, and towels)

· All required elk licenses and tags

· All sales tax on the hunt package

What Is Not Included

· Meat Processing Services

· Taxidermy Services
· Airplane/Travel Costs

· Tips for guides & staff

Wounding Game

We have experienced guides who will properly position you to shoot your elk. If an animal is wounded, and not recovered, this will be counted as your kill. With the quality of our guides we rarely lose an animal, but it could happen in extremely rare cases.


Health Precautions
While maintaining all reasonable care and precaution for the safety of our clients we assume no responsibility for any health risks, accident or loss or expense arising there from. If you have any health or medical concerns, medication, or dietary needs please let us know in advance and we will accommodate you. Please let us know of any special diet needs or requests as soon as possible.


Liability Contract
A complete contract waiver will be required to complete upon arrival at the ranch. We are fully insured and will make sure your hunt is safe and medical assistance will be summoned if needed.

Deposit Information

You may elect to upgrade to a larger bull elk once at the ranch. Your deposit that was previously made will be subtracted from your final balance. This final balance will be due upon your departure from the ranch and after the harvest of your animal.

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Lodging at White Peaks

All lodging during your hunt is complimentary from White Peaks Outfitters. We have comfortable, private style rooms for you and your spouse to enjoy your vacation. We have an open dining area where you will enjoy your homecooked meals each day.


If you have any special requests, please let us know prior to your arrival at the ranch.

Bull Elk in the Fall
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Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 7.39.39 PM.png

Food & Drinks at The Lodge

All elk and buffalo hunting packages at White Peaks include complimentary meals for your entire stay at the lodge. Our staff prepares your meals for you daily and helps ensure that you have the energy needed for your trophy hunt.


Homestyle cooked meals are available each day including beef selections, seafood, italian food, mexican cuisine, and barbeque dishes. Drinks including water, soda, and juices are also provided for your entire stay.


Make yourself at home!


ALLERGIES / HEALTH CONCERNS: Please make note of any special requests you have when you fill out your hunter information sheet at the link below.

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Nounan, Idaho Average Temps

August | 48 low / 80 high

September | 39 low / 67 high

October | 28 low / 55 high

November | 22 low / 38 high

December | 14 low / 28 high

January | 15 low / 27 high


Making your trophy last a lifetime. ​

Approved White Peaks Taxidermists

After the harvest of your trophy animal, great care will be taken by your guide to make sure it is ready for our taxidermists. We have approved taxidermists in Idaho, Utah, and Arizona that will be able to mount your animal and schedule shipping or delivery of the finished trophy to your home. We will have sample mounts, brochures, and prices lists available for these taxidermists when you arrive at the ranch.

You can view some sample taxidermy below and decide how you want to preserve your trophy that you take this fall.


Average Shoulder Mount : $1400 USD

Average Pedestal Mount (without Pedestal) : $1700 USD

Average Shoulder Mount with Bugle (open mouth) : $1800 USD

Average European Mount : $300 USD

Average Skull Plaque Mount : $150 USD


Average Turnaround Time : 9 - 12 months


Take Home Taxidermy

Your guide can cape your trophy and you can transport the cape and antlers back to a taxidermist of your choice. Another option is to have on of our taxidermists flesh and salt the hide, then send it directly to the tannery of your choice. Your taxidermist can take it from there.


Many clients ask about meat processing, so we wanted to pass this information along to you. Idaho Ranch clients have a few different options. RUSH orders for take-home clients will be able to have their meat processed by a local processor in Montpelier Idaho with quick turn-around times available. REGULAR orders for shipping clients (for clients that fly or do not wish to transport meat home following hunt) will be processed at our Utah facility and shipped to your hometown for low shipping costs. See below for pricing


Standard Processing Rates - Hanging Weight Poundage


Paper-Wrapped Packaging $0.85 per pound*

(Steaks, Roasts, and burger)

Jerky, Salami, Sausages, and Bratwursts available for extra fee

Rush Fee (add $0.15 per pound)


Vacuum-sealed Packaging $1.25 per pound*

(Steaks, Roasts, and burger)

Jerky, Salami, Sausages, and Bratwursts available for extra fee

*Please note rush orders can NOT be vacuum-sealed *


Specialty Meat Products

Original Flavor Salami (3 lb stick)

Jalapeno Cheddar Salami (3 lb stick)

Original Flavor Bratwurst

Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst 

Breakfast Sausage (Bulk)

Mild Italian (Bulk)

Hot Italian (Bulk)

Teriyaki Strip Jerky

Peppered Strip Jerky

Original Strip Jerky


Average Hanging Weights

Cow Elk 240# - 320#

Bull Elk 350# - 550#

Cow Bison 300# - 500#

Meat Bison 500# - 750#

Trophy Bison 750# +

*Processing fees are estimated and subject to change


Shipping Information

One Pallet of approx 1000# of meat will be able to be shipped nationwide to one location on a refrigerated truck service.  The shipping costs are based on current freight rates. No insulation or ice needed. (Note: antlers may NOT ship with meat, but frozen capes may be included).


This shipping option is very reasonable when the price of coolers, insulation, and dry ice is considered. Your meat can be shipped to your hometown and arrives frozen solid.


Transporting Home

If you choose to take your meat home with you, plan on 200-250 quarts of cooler space (per bull elk) to pack the meat into after being processed. You will need space for dry ice as well. Also note, that rush processing orders can incur an additional fee and ample freezing time must also be planned for. You may have to stay at a nearby hotel until you meat is frozen and ready for pickup at the processor.


Let us know if you have any questions, otherwise we can explore all of these options for you when you arrive for your hunt! Thank you.

Nearby Visitor Attractions

Make a vacation out of your elk hunt trip ​

Bear Lake State Park - 1 hour

Park City, Utah - 2 hours

Lagoon Amusement Park - 2 hours

Jackson Hole Wyoming - 2.5 hours

Grand Teton National Park - 2.5 hours

Yellowstone National Park - 3 hours

Zion National Park - 6 hours

Arches National Park - 6 hours

Grand Staircase National Monument - 6 hours

Bryce Canyon National Park - 6 hours

Canyonlands National Park - 6 hours

Lake Powell – Glen Canyon - 6 hours

Grand Canyon National Park - 7 hours

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