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Before the Hunt

Dear Future White Peaks Hunter:

We are excited about having you come to White Peaks Ranch this fall! It is shaping up to be a great year and we are anticipating an excellent season to harvest a trophy bull elk. Our commitment here at White Peaks is to provide you with personalized customer service coupled with breath-taking scenery, luxurious accommodations, excellent food, and big bull elk! Our guides and ranch personnel are accomplished elk hunters and will make sure your hunt is the best you have ever had.


Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have any other questions about the ranch or your upcoming hunt. We want your trip to be comfortable and organized. Be sure to check out this website frequently for updated trail camera and summer photos.


We will see you this fall!


-Greg Golightly


Bull Elk Hunting

​What Is Included

· Full service lodging including bedroom and bathroom

· All meals for each day present at the lodge

· Hunting Guide services

· One bull elk / buffalo of the selected trophy class

· Trophy Photos

· Trophy Care: Field Dressing of carcass

· SLC Airport pickup and drop off

· Big screen TV and satellite TV channels

· Linens and Sheets· Bathroom necessities (soap, TP, and towels)

· All required elk licenses and tags

· All required sales tax

What Is Not Included

· Meat Processing Services

· Taxidermy Services
· Airplane/Travel Costs

· Tips for guides & staff

Bull Elk in the Fall

What To Bring

Firearm : Expect 50 - 125 yard shots.

- High-Powered Rifle (.270 caliber or larger recommended)


Muzzleloader (Flintlock, Percussion Cap, or Inline) (Scopes allowed)

- Our ranch is NOT Subject to General Idaho Muzzleloader Restrictions


Pistol (Large Caliber & Scope recommended)


Archery : Expect 20 - 50 yard shots.

- Bow and Arrow (40 lbs minimum draw weight)

- Fixed broadhead recommended, expandables are okay

- Don't forget your release, arrows, tools, and arrow tips


Crossbow : Expect 20 – 50 yard shots.

- Modern Crossbow style. No restrictions.

- Fixed broadhead recommended

- Don't forget your bolts.



- One box of bullets or six arrows/bolts


Binoculars 8x or 10x recommended


Digital Camera and/or video camera


Small Backpack or Fannypack

- For carrying binoculars, extra bullets, camera, water bottles, and lunch.


Shooting Accessories (Optional)

- Monopod, Bi pod, or Tripod for stabilized shooting

- Earplugs or Ear muffs

- Personal Rangefinder (Guides are equipped)



- Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Lip balm, Comb, Medications, Glasses



- One Warm Coat (Near freezing temperatures in mornings)

- 2 Long Sleeve Shirts

- 2 Pair Long Pants (Jeans are okay)

- Lightweight Hiking Boots (For moderate hiking)

- Camp shoes 

- 4 Pair Socks

- Underwear (Long underwear recommended for Nov/Dec hunts)

- Ball cap

- Medium weight warm gloves


Identification & Wallet


Cell Phone & Charger

Shot Placement / Shooting Skills​

Practice at all of your effective distances to prepare yourself for your future hunt.

Aim point "A" would be your best choice on the elk above.

Shot Placement / Shooting Skills​

Practice at all of your effective distances to prepare yourself for your future hunt.

Aim point "A" would be your best choice on the elk above.

Driving Directions

Arrival to White Peaks : Schedule your travel to arrive the first day of your hunt. We will take you to the lodge and sight in your weapon.


Departure from White Peaks : Schedule your departure for the evening of the last (3rd day) of the hunt. You may stay at a local hotel if you need to wait on meat processing services.

Clover Creek Inn : Montpelier, Idaho


**If your schedule does not work with this sample, please contact Greg and special arrangements can be made for your group.

Driving to White Peaks Idaho

Idaho Ranch Meeting Location


Broulim's Supermarket

130 S 4th Street

Montpelier, ID 83254

Google Maps Directions

(Please call 1 hour prior to arrival at meeting location)

Flying to White Peaks Idaho


Commercial Flights

Airport Code: SLC

Delta, United, Southwest, Continental,

American, jetBlue, US Airways


Arrival to SLC: Many flights arrive in the morning to SLC, schedule your flight to arrive in the afternoon the day prior to the hunt. Free shuttle service is provided. We will take you to the lodge and rest as time allows. (Sunday evening or Wednesday evening)


Return Home Flight: Many flights depart SLC at all times during the day. Schedule your departure for the evening of the last day of the hunt. (Wednesday evening or Saturday evening)


.**If your flight schedules do not work with this example, please contact us and special arrangements can be made for your group.

Webpage for Salt Lake City International Airport



Private Flights

Jet Aircraft should fly into Logan, Utah (KLGU)

9000' asphalt with Services & Jet-A Fuel


Small Aircraft should fly into Bear Lake County, Idaho (1U7)

5700' asphalt with some services & 100LL Fuel

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